AMAZING Our Services

For half a decade now we have been designing some of the wackiest, most kick-ass and absolutely addictive games and apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android Device and we’re just getting warmed up!

Developing enterprise web and cloud solutions, with a web or mobile front end is our bread and butter.
With, we have demonstrated our ability to build products from scratch.
With, we have demonstrated, through white labelling, our ability to scale up our own designs and solutions.
With Revealio and 1Slap, we have shown how a mobile front end can enhance a cloud driven back end.
With, we have demonstrated our command over Magento, an industry proven off the shelf eCommerce package.
With iiiCricket we have demonstrated how content from other web solutions can come together to accentuate real time, real life experiences of a live event.
We build mobile apps in android with the same prowess as in iOS.
With apps such as Revealio, Miles, 1slap, iiiCricket, healthtree, tablettree & RedSpot GreenSpot, we keep reaching new heights and breaking new grounds.
Location tracking through utilization of our inhouse developed geospatial engine, sets us apart from most other organizations in this space.
We earnestly urge you to challenge us, to build an app that has never been done before, realize an idea that is still sitting in its concept stage.

We dare you to challenge us.

We have developed iOS applications since our inception.
Be it games, app, utilities, we have developed them all.
Our iOS apps span across agriculture, social interaction, Augmented reality (AR) space with specific focus on location tracking.
We design everything from web apps to mobile apps and game with the idea of a striking a fine balance between form and functionality each time.
We brand our creations with a trademark aesthetic of adaptable, no-nonsense design.
Our products conform to no single design philosophy but adapt and grow (or shrink) as per our client’s needs.
Our team of dedicated but fun loving engineers strive to create world class games.
Games for all kinds of digital platforms and succeed in surpassing their own benchmarks with every new project.
We have a streamlined and highly optimized process of development.
we have developed many games for most personal computing platforms including Android and iPhones.
There is no dearth of range or possibilities and the future will witness us releasing some truly visionary titles
Providing constant, immediate and foolproof support with each product we release is second nature to us.
You cannot escape our support team no matter how big or small your need for help be.
We rely on an always-on, always-listening model of support to serve our users and clients when they need us the most.